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Laberge Group  experienced great success with our clients and their projects in 2018, and we look forward to opportunity to help you succeed in 2019. As a full service engineering, planning and community development firm, Laberge Group is well known for the excellence of our award-winning technical professionals and nationally accredited planners. Our superior community development reputation is measured by our ability to respond to individual client needs, our dedication to project implementation, and most importantly, client satisfaction.corinth

Over the last 55 years, Laberge Group has earned a reputation for identifying opportunities, and we are available on an as needed basis to assist you. Through evaluation, funding, and planning, we work with you to create solutions to your infrastructure needs. We have improved communities through design and installation of new water and sewer systems, parks and recreation facilities, municipal buildings, rebuilding streets, bridges, sidewalks and bike paths, zoning and master plans. We have secured over $240 million in funding since 2000 for our client communities.

Our practice encompasses the entire range of municipal needs including water, wastewater, solid waste, transportation, park and recreation, community development, program development, land use planning, buildings, and construction management assistance. A diverse project portfolio, coupled with an experienced project management and design staff, provides clients with the resources for creative, integrated and distinctive solutions.

Today’s successful governments must be quick to react to changing conditions while keeping a vision of the future. Our goal is to assist the citizens of your community to improve their quality of life. Our focus centers on the Public Official’s policies and direction, the public’s needs and aspirations and the delicate balance needed to create a beneficial program. Our services are tailored to each municipality’s needs with the intent to provide your community with the best service available to meet your goals and objectives.


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