Gurley Engineering, Surveying and Mapping Group P.C. (Gurley), an affiliate of Laberge Group, was created in 1995 to provide boundary survey services as prescribed by NYS Education Law, and is authorized in New York State to provide professional surveying services.

Our surveying staff includes licensed surveyors, seasoned field crew members, and highly skilled and trained Computer Aided Designers, who provide clients with accurate, precise, responsive, cost-effective, and timely surveys.

Using state of the art technology and equipment, Laberge Group, in affiliation with Gurley, offers a wide array of highly accurate and complex surveying services including:

  • Commercial and residential subdivision surveys.
  • ALTA/ACSM land title surveys.
  • Land planning and development surveys.
  • Bathymetric surveys.
  • Mortgage surveys.
  • Boundary determination surveys.
  • Topographic surveys.
  • Construction layout services.
  • Right of way surveying and mapping.
  • Easement preparations.
  • Photogrammetric GPS control.
  • Hydrographic surveys.
  • Hazardous waste surveys.
  • Geodetic surveys.
  • Mining plan surveys.
  • As built or record surveys.
  • Municipal utility or pipeline surveys.