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Zoning & Land UsePlanning – Zoning & Land Use

Municipalities that have a complete and well designed comprehensive and land use plan are the best equipped to attract investment and economic growth. A community’s commitment to a Land Use Plan that is accepted and upheld by all aspects of the community from the residents to the businesses that operate in the community, to the local planning and zoning boards and code enforcement officers will keep a community on a steady track toward smart growth.
Our approach to working with municipal leaders and local residents is always unique, knowing that each community is different. Laberge Group always keeps in mind that each community has different strengths and weaknesses, and we tailor our approach to land use planning to fit the particular goals of a community. A sampling of services we can provide are as follows:

  • Planning Board consulting
  • Development feasibility studies and analyses
  • Development of application processing – official plan/
    zoning amendments, severances and minor variances
  • Site plan review and design
  • Brownfield redevelopment
  • Preparation of zoning by-laws and zoning by-law
  • Public consultation and facilitation
  • Special studies
  • Zoning ordinance and zoning mapping
  • Related code section updates
  • SEQRA compliance

Laberge Group’s committed and experienced team of planners, CADD and GIS technicians and civil engineers have worked successfully with communities throughout NewYork State, drafting several land use plans, zoning laws/ordinances, subdivision regulations, and site plan review laws. Assisting local communities in confronting the opportunities and challenges of development and growth is our expertise.
A Land Use Plan should be reflective of the community’s comprehensive planning goals and objectives, focusing on the local economy and the business environment, restoring neighborhood vitality and improving the overall cultural and environmental life-experience of the community.


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