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Comprehensive Planning

At Laberge Group, we work closely with the municipal staff, elected and appointed officials, business leaders, and civic leaders who are our clients. Our philosophy is that our clients are the experts about their community, the political environment, and the vision of how they want to approach change. Our job is to compliment that.

Laberge Group has a reputation for providing a balanced approach to plan development. Our award winning Planning and Community Development staff includes nationally certified urban, regional, environmental, and land use planners with expertise in community and downtown revitalization, master planning, land use planning, grant writing and program implementation. Our approach is unique in that our staff is experienced at implementing projects — both as former local government planners, and as private sector consultants. Our engineers, architects, and designers work side by side with our planners to ensure that each plan is uniquely developed to meet the needs and vision of each community.

The combination of our multi-discipline private sector and “hands on” implementation experience assists in the creation of recommendations and strategies that can, and will be implemented, and not simply sit on a shelf. This approach has been recognized by many in the field, and our staff has been asked to present seminars at the NYCOM Main Street Revitalization Conference, the New York State Association of Towns Annual Training School, and the New York Planning Federation Annual Meeting.

Laberge Group is known for technical excellence, responsiveness to client needs, and dedication to project implementation. The staff understands that success comes from providing responsive consulting in a fast-paced business environment. Laberge Group is committed to team building, enthusiastic service, project management and multi-disciplinary expertise. Our intent is to provide you with the best service available to meet your goals and objectives


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