At Laberge Group, we understand that project funding – whether in the form of grants or low interest loans – is often the difference between deferring work or proceeding with project implementation that can benefit your community for years to come. Collaboration between our grant writers and all disciplines at Laberge Group has been interwoven in our DNA since the foundation of the firm and remains at the core of our practice today. From our engineers and municipal architects, to planners and government operations specialists, funding is never an afterthought for any member of our team.

This seamless partnership is fundamental to developing each project, plan, and study to meet both the needs of the community and the mandates, missions, and priorities of specific funding agencies. This strategy has been instrumental in securing funding for essential client projects that will impact client communities for years or even decades to come.



In order for a grant or financing application to garner funding support that may be essential to a project’s implementation, it must further the mission of the relevant funding agency. While a well-written application narratives is essential, it is not a substitute for a project or plan that has been developed with funding top-of-mind. 

That is why Laberge Group’s in-house grant development team collaborates with our engineers, architects, planners, and government efficiency specialists from the outset of plans or projects that will require outside funding.


Strong documentation is key to helping grant and funding applications stand out in today’s competitive funding field. 

Depending on the nature of the project, important documentation can include completed studies, reports, and/or plans. Demonstration of fiscal viability (supported by third-party cost-estimates) and project readiness are also fundamental to a successful funding application. 

Laberge Group’s integrated funding strategy helps differentiate our client communities’ applications from the crowd.


Laberge Group provides grant writing, consulting, preparation, program delivery, and administrative services to municipalities to support projects of vital importance to our client communities, including, but not limited to:

  • Water, sewer, and green infrastructure.
  • Planning initiatives.
  • Home ownership and housing rehabilitation.
  • Parks, recreation, and facilities.
  • Geographic information systems.
  • Emergency service buildings, equipment, and consolidation.
  • Municipal buildings (salt sheds, highway garages, fueling facilities).
  • Roads, sidewalks, bicycle paths, and pedestrian paths.


Laberge Group has provided grant preparation, program delivery, and administration services to counties, cities, villages, and towns throughout New York State. Below you will find samples of recent awards:

Brownfield Opportunity Areas (BOA)

2017City of Albany$187,605South End Waterfront District
2017 City of Albany$199,485North Warehouse District

Canal Corporation

2014Village of Montour Falls $30,000Pedestrian Bridge and Walkway
2015Village of Fultonville$50,000Dock Extension Phase II
2016City of Cohoes$125,000Visitor Center (Canal and Market NY)

Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund

2014Village of Kiryas Joel$30,000Headworks Analysis
2015Village of Corinth$21,089,000Interest Free & Low Interest Financing
2016 Village of Corinth$78,000Wastewater Preliminary Engineering Study

Climate Smart Communities (CSC)

2019Town of Black Brook$760,000Drinking Water Infrastructure Resiliency Improvements
2019Village of New Hempstead$250,000Sidewalk Improvements

Municipal Consolidation and Efficiency Competition

2018 Town of Brookhaven$19,750,000Brookhaven United Municipal Efficiency Plan

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

2014Village of Fultonville$400,000Flood Mitigation
2014Village of Fultonville$550,000Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements
2014Village of Kiryas Joel $200,000Microenterprise Grant Program
2014Village of Kiryas Joel$600,000Backwash Filter Replacement
2014Village of New Square$600,000Sidewalk Improvement Program
2015Village of Kiryas Joel $400,000Sidewalk Improvements
2015Village of Kiryas Joel$400,000Assistance to Homebuyers Program (P.A.T.H.)
2015Village of Corinth$600,000Sewer System Improvements
2015Columbia County$878,800Hudson Valley Creamery
2016Town of Plattsburgh$200,000Microenterprise Grant Program
2016Village of Cambridge$30,000Wastewater Engineering Report
2016Village of Corinth$1,000,000 Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements
2016Village of Fultonville$900,000Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades
2016Village of DeRuyter$489,900Water Meter - Water Conservation Program
2017City of Cohoes$300,000Sidewalk Replacement
2017City of Oneida$162,000All Seasonings Ingredients, Inc.
2018Columbia County$375,000Hudson Valley Creamery
2018Village of Kiryas Joel$200,000Microenterprise Project
2018 Village of Canastota$750,000Dutchland Plastics Equipment and Workforce Training
2019City of Hudson$750,000Stormwater Separation Project
2019Columbia County$300,000Drumlin Fields Distillery Machinery and Equipment
2019Rensselaer County IDA$750,000Hudson River Foods
2019Saranac Lake Resort$750,000Facilities and Equipment
2019Village of Corinth$729,000Wastewater Infrastructure Improvement Project
2019Village of New Square$50,000Community Drainage Infrastructure Needs Assessment

Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC)

2013Columbia County$1,200,000 Catamount Resort Expansion
2014Twin States Technologies$120,000Facility Expansion
2014Watkins Glen International$2,000,000 Track Modernization
2015Carver Industrial Park$2,000,000 Rail Line Extension
2015Town of Plattsburgh$25,000Infrastructure Feasibility Study
2016Columbia County $375,000Hudson Valley Creamery
2016City of Watertown$50,000Downtown Feasibility Study
2016Lewis County$135,000Industrial Park Pre-development
2017City of Albany$150,000Broadway Streetscape Project
2018All Seasoning Ingredients$430,000Expansion Project

Environmental Protection Fund

2014Town of Hoosick$123,625Pool Improvements
2018City of Albany$262,500Lincoln Park Pool Improvements
2019City of Albany CIGP$50,000Washington Park Critical Assessment

Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (PSAP)

2018 Town of Ramapo$547,000Crosswalk and Signal Improvements
2018City of Albany$1,490,000 Crosswalk and Signal Improvements

Hudson River Estuary Program (HREP)

2018City of Albany$42,000Local Stewardship Planning Study
2018Town of Esopus$50,000Access and Connections Study
2019Town of Esopus$30,750Esopus Park Surveys & Engineering Evaluations

CREG Local Government Efficiency Grant

2014Hamilton County$797,000Fuel Consolidation Phase III
2014Village of Mount Kisco$340,000Police Merger
2015Town & Village of Frankfort$21,000Police Consolidation Feasibility Study
2016Town of Corinth$400,000Functional Consolidation of Water System
2016Town of Catskill$12,000Code Enforcement Consolidation

CREG Citizen Reorganization and Empowerment Grant

2014Village of Bloomingburg$42,750Dissolution Study
2014Village of Salem $40,000Dissolution Study
2015Village of Port Henry$50,000Dissolution Study
2015Village of Salem$50,000Dissolution Implementation
2015Town of Salem$50,000Dissolution Implementation
2016Village of Port Henry$50,000Dissolution Implementation
2016Town of Moriah$50,000Dissolution Implementation
2016Village of Mastic Beach$50,000Dissolution Study
2017Village of Mastic Beach$50,000Dissolution Implementation
2017Town of Brookhaven$50,000Dissolution Implementation
2018Village of Van Etten $50,000Dissolution Implementation
2018Town of Van Etten $50,000Dissolution Implementation
2019Town of Moreau$17,475Water District Consolidation
2019Town of Schodack$11,750Sewer District Consolidation

NYS Municipal Facilities Program (SAM)

2016Village of Nassau$150,000Water Valve Replacement
2016Village of Fultonville$75,000Back Up Generator

NYS Water

2016Village of Corinth$5,000,000Wastewater System Improvements
2016City of Cohoes$1,452,700Water Storage Improvements
2016Town of North Greenbush$2,172,000Water System Improvements
2017Village of Kiryas Joel$1,247,700Water Supply
2018Town of Moreau$4,000,000Sewer District Extension
2018Town of Plattsburgh$3,146,000Water Infrastructure Capital Plan
2019City of Hudson$321,600Washington Street Water System
2019Town of Black Brook$1,079,280Drinking Water Infrastructure Resiliency Improvements
2019Town of Ramapo$1,325,000Waverly Place Sewer Project

NYS Bridge

2018Town of Sand Lake$1,189,000Bridge and Culvert Improvements

Transportation Improvements and Enhancements Program

2013Town of Pound Ridge$1,480,000Sidewalks and Streetscape Improvements

Restore NY

2017City of Albany$1,800,000Capital Rep
2017City of Troy$1,800,000701 River Street
2017Town of Colonie$1,000,000First Prize
2017Town of Schodack$800,000Servidone
2017Village of Colonie$700,000Goldstein
2017Village of Ellenville$1,000,000Main Street Burger King
2017Village of New Square$1,000,000Matzoh Factory

Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP)

2016City of Albany$650,000South End Bikeway (LWRP & Climate Smart)
2018Town of Esopus$76,000Waterfront Revitalization & Hamlet Planning
2018City of Albany$340,000North South Waterfront Gateway

Market NY

2014Watkins Glen International $250,000Track Modernization
2015Behold! New Lebanon125,000Market NY/NYS Council of the Arts

Greenway Grant

2014Columbia County$5,000Behold! New Lebanon
2015Town of North Greenbush$10,000Design Guidelines
2018Town of New Hempstead$10,000Planning
2019Town of Esopus$10,000Zoning
2019Town of Hoosick$10,000Comprehensive Plan

Law Enforcement and Security Grants

2019City of Albany JAG$66,740Ballistic Shields
2019City of Albany EDCGP$50,000Explosive Detection Canine Team Grant Program
2019City of Albany CSGP$50,000Software Security Update
2019City of Albany SHSP/LETPP$266,310Terrorism Prevention Program
2019City of Albany TTTGP$100,000Unmanned Aircraft System

Zombie 2.0 Vacant Property Remediation and Prevention Fund

2019Town of Brookhaven$450,000“Zombie” & Vacant Properties Remediation/Prevention

Cities RISE

2018City of Albany$25,000Training and Outreach

Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund

2019Village of New Hempstead$18,375Individual Inactive Records Inventory & Planning

Water Quality Improvement Project Program

2015Town of Schodack$222,325Fuel Canopy
2017Town of Schodack$18,675Stormshed Mapping
2017Town of Highland$624,750Salt Shed
2017Town of Rotterdam$48,750Land Acquisition for Source Water Protection
2018City of Hudson$263,750Wastewater Pump Station Improvement
2019Village of Canastota$413,350WWTP UV Disinfection Implementation Project


At Laberge Group, we’re committed to helping you find the RIGHT solution to your challenges and capitalize on your opportunities. We understand that often hinges on securing the required funding. Let’s discuss how we can help. We’d love to hear from you.