Engineering – Wastewater Services

Laberge Group staff possess a deep, broad-based, knowledge and experience with respect to wastewater treatment and collection. Services rendered involve all aspects of wastewater treatment and collection including:

  • Environmental impact studies.Wastewater Services
  • Master planning.
  • Collection systems.
  • Treatment facilities.
  • Pumping stations.
  • Biological treatment.
  • Chemical treatment.
  • Tertiary treatment.
  • Stream assimilation studies.
  • Chlorination.
  • Metering.
  • Sampling.
  • Flow measurement.
  • System mapping.
  • Operation.
  • Testing.
  • System management.
  • Intermunicipal facilities.
  • Infiltration/inflow studies.
  • Sewer system evaluation surveys.
  • Comprehensive performance evaluations.
  • Funding identification & application.
  • Districting.

Projects range from emergency repair of equipment, to planning, design, and construction of community-wide collection and treatment systems. A long history of success and expertise in wastewater treatment make Laberge Group a leading firm in engineering wastewater.


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