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Local Government EfficiencyLaberge Group is among New York State’s most experienced municipal consulting firms, and our work has played an instrumental role in supporting a variety of projects where two or more communities combine efforts to create cost efficient and effective solutions. Laberge Group has assisted multiple communities in designing and delivering projects that reduced duplicate layers of local government, and encouraged fiscal savings for municipalities and taxpayers. As local governments search for ways to reduce overall spending while enhancing service delivery to larger geographical areas, Laberge Group leads the way in providing practical cost saving alternatives to tax increases and municipal program cuts.

Laberge Group is experienced in a range of joint municipal planning efforts including municipal dissolution plans, shared/consolidation plans; inter-municipal highway garages to joint, and water and/or wastewater systems. Laberge Group works with communities to identify cost savings and service enhancement solutions, as well as potential alternatives to create win-win scenarios for clients.

Local Government EfficiencyLaberge Group has developed the following types of shared services feasibility studies and/or assisted in their implementation:

  • Shared highway/DPW inter-municipal shared service studies.
  • Studies.
  • Dissolution consolidation.
  • Operational effectiveness and efficiency review.
  • Joint economic development.
  • Joint fueling facilities.
  • Water district consolidation.
  • Police consolidation.
  • Joint comprehensive planning.
  • Inter-municipal water systems and wastewater treatment systems.
  • Shared town and village facilities.
  • Joint recreation facilities.
  • Joint grant applications.


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