Laberge Group has provided a broad spectrum of services to our client communities since 1964, spanning engineering, architecture, planning, government efficiency, survey, and grant funding. Our priority in providing each of these services is the sustained strength and growth of each of the client communities with which we partner.

As one of the State’s most experienced water, wastewater,
and stormwater infrastructure engineering consulting firms, Laberge Group has successfully conducted studies, designed projects, and managed the implementation of numerous projects in each of these disciplines for communities throughout New York State.

Each project is designed to address the needs of the community while optimizing cost-effectiveness, minimizing ongoing operation and maintenance costs, and leveraging available grant and financing opportunities.

We are committed to developing implementable projects that are both politically and financially viable. For that reason, Laberge Group provides in-house grant writing and grant administration services, enabling our engineers and grant development specialists to collaborate seamlessly to secure vital funding for our clients’ projects.

This collaborative approach has resulted in successfully securing more than $245 million in grant funding and financing for client projects since 2000.

Laberge Group’s planning team prioritizes the development of Comprehensive Plans and Economic Development plans, and zoning and land use regulations that help our client communities coalesce around a common vision and provide achievable implementation frameworks.

Each client community benefits from our team’s hands-on experience, dedication to collaborative problem solving, and commitment to implementation and tangible results.

Whether designing a municipal building or facility, or conducting a municipal facility and building assessment, our architects partner with client communities to understand their vision and the operational needs of the departments that will utilize the spaces. While careful consideration is given to the aesthetics of each structure, our architects focus on enhancing safety, optimizing space utilization, improving operational efficiency, realizing cost savings, and reducing life-cycle costs.

For decades, we have partnered with communities throughout New York State to both plan and implement initiatives that redistribute governance and service delivery across municipal lines, increase efficiency, and realize fiscal savings for taxpayers. These services include municipal shared services, Countywide Shared Service Initiatives (CWSSI), and municipal dissolutions and consolidations.

Gurley Engineering, Surveying and Mapping Group P.C., an affiliate of Laberge Group, was established in 1995 and is authorized in New York State to provide professional surveying services. Our surveying staff includes licensed surveyors, seasoned field crew members, and highly skilled and trained Computer Aided Designers, who provide clients with accurate, precise, responsive, cost-effective, and timely surveys.