Laberge Group’s grant and community development specialists employ a partnership framework for developing grant applications and securing low-interest project financing. We work with our clients to turn a handout into a handshake. By working together with funding agencies toward a common goal, we help each agency achieve their mission by investing in yours.

There are several ways that Laberge Group’s grant team employs this strategy to differentiate our clients’ funding applications from the competition:

1. Develop a project that both meets the needs of your community and provides the funding agency with an investment opportunity that will help them meet their goals: Recognizing that securing grant funding or low-interest financing is often vital to making any number of municipal projects fiscally viable, none of Laberge Group’s professionals treat funding as an afterthought. Instead, team members from engineering to architecture to government operations collaborate seamlessly with funding development specialists from the outset of the program development process to craft projects that BOTH meet the needs of your community AND align with the goals of targeted funding agencies.

2. Demonstrate project readiness to set your community’s application apart from the competition: In an increasingly competitive grant funding environment, the metrics for awarding scarce State funding are expected to be more stringent than ever, placing strong emphasis on project readiness. Eager to jumpstart the economy, it’s not surprising that funding entities at the State and Federal level are prioritizing projects that can be put into action right away to impact the economy as quickly as possible – and funding officers are charged with determining which projects most successfully meet this metric. What constitutes project readiness varies depending on the project, and Laberge Group’s grant development specialists work with our clients to establish and demonstrate readiness while collaborating on funding application development.

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3. Document project funding viability: While funding viability has always been a major criterion by which grant applications are judged, historically low levels of funding availability have created the need to stretch funds across more communities than ever before. Funding agencies are searching for investment opportunities in which each dollar they commit leverages other investments. Similarly, while agencies have always refrained from funding projects that they feel will not ultimately be financially viable, thorough documentation of funding viability is of even more vital importance in today’s competitive funding environment. Laberge Group’s funding professionals work with client communities to develop realistic third-party estimates for budget items, then provide proof of committed sources of adequate funds for each one.

Differentiate your grant application from the crowd: In today’s increasingly competitive grant and financing landscape, make sure your community is partnering with professionals that go beyond the well-written project narrative by providing strategic differentiators that work in your favor toward funding success for your community’s project.

Successful Grant and Financing Track Record:
Laberge Group’s grant writing and community specialists have secured more than $360 million in State and Federal funding for our clients since 2000, $111 million of which has been secured within the last 2 years alone. We would appreciate the chance to discuss partnering with you to secure funds for your community’s next project.


Securing grant funding has become more competitive than ever in the current fiscal environment. Can you spare a few minutes to discuss funding strategies that could impact the fiscal viability of your community’s next project? Get in touch to see how Laberge Group can help. We’re happy to be a resource for you.