Comprehensive PlanFunded by the Adirondack Smart Growth Grant, Laberge Group was commissioned by the Town of Arietta to develop the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. The Town of Arietta is located in Hamilton County, which is one of only two counties whose boundaries fall completely within the Adirondack Park or “Blue Line” (boundaries). With over 97% of land in Arietta either undevelopable and/or protected forestland, development has been concentrated or limited around the Piseco Hamlet. The Lake is the center of activity for residents and tourists, driving the local economy. Surrounding Piseco Lake is a variety of housing, three New York State campgrounds, and numerous Adirondack trails and vistas.

Comprehensive Plan The Town is one of the most sparsely populated municipalities in the eastern United States, with a total year-round population of 293 residents. In addition, the Town is transitioning from a year-round place of residence to mostly seasonal residents. This presented unique challenges to the planning process in order to maximize public involvement, as well as understand the needs of seasonal visitors. Workshops and public surveys were completed at times throughout the year to maximize participation.

Implementation of the Comprehensive Plan will allow the Town to not be a place with all modern conveniences, but rather abundant with natural and recreational opportunity. Through carefully planned and managed growth, Arietta will continue to enhance the local services provided, expand the experiences available to visitors, and augment the employment opportunities for future residents, and build a sustainable community year round for generations to come. The Comprehensive Plan established goals and strategies for each of the following key elements:

  • Community services.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Natural environment.
  • Educational resources.
  • Economic development.
  • Housing.
  • Recreation & open space.
  • Historic & cultural resources.
  • Transportation networks.
  • Land use.