Planning & Community Development

Planning & Community Development

The Planning & Community Development team at Laberge Group is well-rounded,
with staff from various business, planning, and
marketing backgrounds. Laberge Group is experienced in
identifying and addressing the needs and interests of the
community. We consider personalizing the project for every
client part of our service.

Plans developed with Laberge Group focus on the local
and regional economic climate and trends of a community.
Economic Development is research-based and driven by the
market, therefore, our Plans act as a guide or “blueprint” for the
future of a community.

Laberge Group identifies actions to implement and procedures
to develop economic development strategies. This method
assists in creating a direction-oriented management plan,
focusing on the short and long term goals of a community.
The Laberge Group strategy is to create achievable plans. Each
plan incorporates specific activities, including:

  • Economic Profile
  • Community Resources Inventory
  • SWOT Workshops
  • Goals and Strategies
  • Implementation Plan and Action Matrix
  • Retail Market Analysis
  • Demographic and Economic Profile

Laberge Group’s location in the Capital Region connects
communities with State and Federal programs. Economic
Development builds relationships with Local, State, and National
agencies. Laberge Group is committed to creating successful



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