Grant Writing Services & Municipal Funding

Laberge Group Has Secured Over $240 Million through its Municipal Grant Writing Services Since 2000

Laberge Group provides grant writing services and municipal funding assistance in all phases of community development. Our grant writing staff is thoroughly familiar with Federal and State grant and loan programs and understand that financial assistance can be the turning point in the success of clients projects and communities.

Experience in grant writing and community development is demonstrated in the millions of dollars that we have secured for communities throughout New York State.

From water and wastewater systems, to parks and recreation enhancements; from economic development initiatives, to historic preservation and adaptive re-use projects, Laberge Group’s grant writing services and community development staff are skilled in identifying funding sources, researching and preparing competitive applications, and administrating the process from concept to completion.

Laberge Group’s grant writing services can turn the challenges of today’s communities into opportunities and solutions for tomorrow’s visions. Through concepts, funding and design, construction, completion, and long-term asset management, Laberge Group has the experience, skills, and staff needed for successful community development.

Grant Writing Services & Municipal Funding Project Experience

Laberge Group provides grant writing, consulting and preparation, program delivery, and administration services to counties and local government agencies. Services include:

  • Planning initiatives.
  • Housing rehabilitation.
  • Water and sewer infrastructure.
  • Parks and recreation.
  • Emergency services.
  • Municipal buildings.
  • Roads.
  • Bridges.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian paths.
  • Geographic information systems.

Individual grant references are available upon request.

Representative Client Experience

Town of Plattsburgh

Grant Project  Amount Secured
CDBG Application Wallace Hill #3 Sewer $400,000
ANCCEP Dock Replacement $25,000
CWSRF – Loan Wallace Hill # 2 Sewer $500,000
EPF Lakefront Park Land Acquisition $148,750
DWSRF – Loan Cumberland Head $5,300,000
CDBG South Plattsburgh Water District $400,000
SARA Inactive Storage $5,991
EPF/LWCF Lake Champlain Park $196,500
CDBG-ED Natec, Inc $166,000
DOT-Byway Byway Bike Trail – Design $49,680
EPF Parks Development $250,000
CDBG-ED Ceder Knolls Log Homes $185,000
CDBG-ED Multina $134,000
CDBG-ED Integral Fabrications $187,500
CDBG Archie Bordeaux $400,000
EPA-Spec. Pur. Wastewater Study $280,700
Erie Canal Lake Champlain Canal $149,000
SMSI Wastewater Treatment Agreement $290,000
Restore Theater Construction $2,500,000
HOME Housing Rehabilitation $300,000
CDBG-TA Comprehensive Plan $24,000
DWSRF Loan Pump Station $2,400,000
USDA-loan Cumberland Head $6,875,000
LGE Funcional Consolidation of Water Dist $396,000
CDBG-ED Microenterprise Program $200,000
ESD Airport Feasibility Study $20,000
CDBG Microenterprise Program $200,000
DOH flouridation $24,140

Total Secured since 2000



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