Brookhaven United – Lessons from the $19.7 million Award Winning MCEC

At a time when communities throughout New York State are searching for solutions to increase efficiency, bolster productivity, and deliver savings to their taxpayers, Laberge Group and the Town of Brookhaven delivered a presentation detailing lessons gleaned from the $19.7 million award winning entry to the Municipal Consolidation and Efficiency Competition (MCEC). This sole MCEC grant was awarded in recognition of the visionary government efficiency solutions outlined in a plan aptly named Brookhaven United, and the potential for many of the government redesign strategies outlined in this plan to be effectively implemented in communities throughout New York State. These solutions, which have been estimated to save the Town of Brookhaven and their villages and special districts over $61 million over 5 years, included initiating strategic local government consolidation, identifying opportunities effective shared services, and implementing local government modernization.

Benjamin Syden, AICP, Vice President, and Nicole Allen, AICP, Planning Services Manager of Laberge Group, were joined by Matt Miner, Chief of Operations for the Town of Brookhaven in delivering insights from their winning competition entry. Attendees of this presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Towns of the State of New York left with key takeaways, including:

  • Clearly communication potential benefits of a project to stakeholders and community members
  • Demonstrating alignment with the priorities of the grant providers (in this case increasing government efficiency and delivering long-term and sustainable property tax savings)
  • Understanding obstacles and managing challenges
  • Demonstrating “shovel-readiness” for projects
  • And more…

View the full presentation HERE.

If your community has been challenged to increase efficiency and you are considering undertaking municipal consolidation, shared services, or modernization initiatives, Laberge Group CAN HELP! To discuss how insights from this presentation can benefit your community, call Ben Syden at (518) 458-7112 or contact us at to schedule a free conference call.




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