Village of Port Henry – Rice Lane Water and Sewer Replacement

Laberge Group was retained by the Village of Port Henry to assist in the upgrade of the Rice Lane sewer and water facilities. The Village had experienced numerous water main breaks on the Rice Lane distribution system, which were not only disruptive to homeowners, but also an extreme cost to the Village and the Water District users. Rice Lane also lacked adequate fire protection with limited fire hydrants, and lacked the Needed Fire Flow (NFF) through their distribution system. A complete replacement of the Rice lane water main, valves, hydrants and service laterals was required. Likewise, the existing sanitary sewer was in need of replacement due to age and infiltration problems.

The existing Rice Lane sewer collection system consisted of old vitrified clay tile (VCT) pipe, with 6” diameter pipe. Manholes were not present on Rice Lane, therefore maintenance and inspection was very difficult. VCT piping has closely spaced, and as a result the pipe has potential for the intrusion of roots, and root balls. Roots lead to blockages, and significantly reduce flow capacity. The VCT piping was also prone to groundwater infiltration. During spring months when the groundwater elevations are highest, there was significant increase of flow evident within old sanitary piping.

Laberge Group assisted with the complete replacement of the sanitary sewer collection system on Rice Street with pre-cast manholes, and modern 8” SDR-26 piping. This allowed for greater structural integrity, a more easily serviceable system, and added access for cleaning.

Laberge Group designed the replacement of approximately 900 linear feet of water mains to include gate valves, fire hydrants, corporation, curb stops and house laterals. Sewer replacement consisted of approximately 400 linear feet of sewer main, with manholes and laterals. With the complete replacement of the water and sewer infrastructure on Rice Lane, the users now enjoy improved water quality, minimized health risks, minimized water breaks, and improved fire protection capabilities, as well as a reliable and easily serviced sewer infrastructure.


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