Water Distribution System Upgrades – Village of Nassau, NY

Water Distribution System Upgrades – Village of Nassau, NY

Laberge Group was retained by the Village of Nassau to assist with improvements to the Village’s water distribution system.

The Village experiences frequent water main breaks, particularly during the winter months, which creates water outages and Village-wide boiling advisories. This is not only an inconvenience for residents, but it also has a negative affect upon businesses, particularly those that serve food. Most dramatic is the effect this has on the students and staff of the local elementary school, which must close and send students home whenever an advisory is issued.

Laberge Group designed the replacement of the existing 4 inch mains with 8 inch mains, and looped them back to the 10 inch main near the water tank. Replacing 4 inch mains with 8 inch mains allowed for improved water circulation, and an increased flow. This also provided better water quality, increased fire flow, and created an alternate feed to and from the Village water tank.
Through this project, Laberge Group uncovered a greater need for water system upgrades that would involve the replacement of all existing water valves in the Village water distribution system. Almost all the valves were non-functional, which meant that whenever work was performed on the system, all of the water supply for the entire Village needed to be shut down. To address this need, Laberge Group secured $150,000 in funding to replace non-functional valves.

An available ample efficient supply of pure, good tasting water is a necessity of life. Since 1964 Laberge Group has rendered services involving all aspects of water supply, treatment and distribution. The services we provide to our clients do not end when the water starts flowing. We identify new opportunities and are available on an as needed basis to assist over the life of the system. Through evaluation and planning we work with communities to create solutions.


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