Preparing a “Funding Quilt.” A How-To Guide for Project Implementation

2016_Quilt-Art Funding Plan

Preparing a “Funding Quilt.” A How-To Guide for Project Implementation

“There is funding for that” is a common battle cry among town leaders across New York State. But is your community ready? Ben Syden, AICP, Vice President, Laberge Group, spoke at the Association of Towns Annual Meeting in New York City. There, Ben demystified the process, showing town leaders how to build a funding plan for their town for greater success both in the annual Consolidated Funding Application process, as well as in other funding initiatives on the state and federal level. Particular focus on strategic planning and funding analysis, coordination with county and regional economic development funding plans, understanding the preliminary steps  and documentation needed to strengthen applications, and how to build a multi-step funding plan “quilt” to implement your key projects was delineated in his presentation. If you missed Ben’s presentation, download it here. Funding Quilt_HowToGuide-2016

The Key to Successful Grants Starts with a Funding Plan

  • Envision It
  • Plan It
  • Your Off-Season Training Plan
  • Prioritize
  • Implement It

Techniques for Soliciting & Increasing Public Participation

  • Church Groups
  • Local Clubs
  • Sports Organizations
  • School Organizations
  • School Committees
  • Committees
  • Neighborhood Associations

Visualize Design Solutions

Identify Your Assets & Your Liabilities

Create Short Term Achievable Goals

  • Pedestrian Enhancements
  • Enhance Rte 197 Gateway
  • Enhance Yacht Basin
  • Improve Irving Tissue Entry
  • Plant new street trees
  • Share Parking Areas
  • Infill Development


  • Identify possible funding streams that may be available to assist in implementing your projects

Understand the Program Requirements Program Eligibility

  • Eligibility vs. Fundability
  • Match Requirement
  • Project Timetable Program Schedule
  • Grant Deadlines
  • Announcement Dates
  • Funding Availability
  • Technical Assistance


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