Laberge Group was retained by the Town of Schodack to update the Town’s Zoning Code. The zoning update included two phases; Phase 1 was a diagnostic review of the code and Phase 2 was the amendment process.


Zoning RegulationsLaberge Group and the Zoning Committee worked together to review the Zoning Code, Subdivision Code & Planning Documents; compile list of items to be addressed. The code diagnosis process included the following:

  • Issues/inconsistencies.
  • Potential solutions.
  • Best practices.
  • Optional tools/regulations.

Following a review of the code, Laberge Group presented the recommendations to the Town Board. The meeting objectives with the Town Board included:

  • Finalize code diagnostics.
  • Identify hot topics.
  • Identify priorities and proposed sequence of amendments.
  • Establish timeline for implementation.
  • Authorize zoning committee to initiate Phase 2.


Zoning RegulationsUpon the Town Board’s review of the issues, Laberge Group and the Zoning Committee systematically worked together to implement a series of updates and amendments to the Chapter 219 Town of Schodack Zoning. Draft Amendments were shared with the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals for review. Following any input and revisions from the municipal boards, Laberge Group worked directly with the Town Board and the designated attorney to finalize the draft amendments. The amendments included updates to definitions, area and bulk regulations, use tables, solar regulations, special use permitting processes, site plan regulations, and other supplemental regulations to improve and modernize the code.
Laberge Group’s previous planning efforts for the Town of Schodack include the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and Town Center Plan; this strong relationship between municipality, citizens, and consultant provided Laberge Group with intimate knowledge of the community’s goals and vision. The zoning code update aims to encourage sustainable development through procedural changes while maintaining the community’s character. The new zoning code will allow the Town to implement the goals envisioned by community participation within the Comprehensive and recently adopted Town Center Plans.