Tri-Agency Shared Services Recreation Feasibility Study. Village of Tarrytown & Sleepy Hollow, Public Schools of the Tarrytowns, New York

Shared Services Recreation Feasibility StudyThe Villages of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow, along with the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns, contracted the Laberge Group to complete the Tri-Agency Recreation Feasibility Study on Shared Services. Due to their close proximity and the extensive
current sharing of resources, finding a way to consolidate park maintenance and recreational programming services was a real opportunity to increase the quality and recreational facility maintenance and expand recreational programs
throughout the Villages and School District. The project focused on three goals:

  • Creating an inventory of current recreational resources and providing a
    blueprint for future growth and development of those resources.
  • Identifying methods with which the two Villages and the School District could share recreational facilities in a manner that improves park maintenance and recreational programming services while reducing municipal and school district operational costs.
  • Investigating the potential for the Agencies to realize cost savings through the reduction of current personnel and equipment costs.

Shared Services Recreation Feasibility StudyThe objectives of the study were achieved through exhaustive research, relying heavily on the participation of the Agency department heads, public participation, and the strong local leadership. As a result of the Study, a Functional Consolidation
under the leadership of the School District was ultimately recommended and agreed upon. The recommended model achieved the following:

  • Utilize current Agency personnel to their greatest potential.
  • Resulted in estimated savings for all three Agencies upon adoption.
  • Accomplished the goal of creating a parks department that is focused on
    conservation as well as maintenance.
  • Increased the efficiency and quality of service as the personnel and equipment
    pools are created.
  • Addressed the recreation and maintenance needs of the students while also
    and equally addressing the needs of the Village residents.


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