2052052 City of Fulton Design Guidelines2The City of Fulton commissioned Laberge Group with Architectural Resources for the creation of a Phase II BOA Nomination Study and Design Guidelines and Streetscape Standards. The aim of providing design guidelines is to improve the character and quality of life in Fulton, to facilitate redevelopment, and to encourage residents and visitors to patronize businesses in downtown Fulton.

These guidelines enhance the sense of place and preserve the small town character of Fulton by supporting the development of mixed-use buildings in the downtown core, reinforce the downtown character as an attractive, family-friendly destination with safe, walkable streets, and facilitate a business-friendly environment in a more pedestrian-friendly atmosphere. Design elements such as street trees, building massing and orientation, landscaping and crosswalks, can strengthen a vibrant core that is already established. Historical development patterns that emphasize the automobile over the pedestrian often result in the removal of buildings that once formed the community’s center. These Design Guidelines seek to promote rebuilding in the character of the downtown as a region’s center, where the community’s collective goals include creating a safe and vibrant place to live, work and visit. The intention is to provide a framework for creating and maintaining a sense of place in Fulton while also expanding the local economy.

2052052 City of Fulton Design GuidelinesThe Design Guidelines outline methods to enhance significant elements of Fulton’s community character. The intent of the Design Guidelines is to protect or enhance the following elements of community character and accomplished the following goals:

  • Clearly identifying downtown Fulton as a unique place within the Central New York region.
  • Promoting a safe, diverse, lively and active street life in downtown Fulton.
  • Enhancing the family-friendly environment.
  • Providing convenient access to amenities.
  • Encouraging and expand the pedestrian use of downtown Fulton.
  • Strengthening private and public sector investments that keep Fulton healthy and vibrant.
  • Encouraging new investment.