Hamlet Revitalization Plan. Town of Stony Creek, New York

Hamlet RevitalizationWorking with the Town of Stony Creek, Laberge Group facilitated a strategic planning process aimed at enhancing and revitalizing the hamlet in this Adirondack community. The Town of Stony Creek Hamlet Revitalization Plan embodies a public consensus-based vision and included detailed strategies to enhance the hamlet by encouraging walkable neighborhoods, mixed-use buildings, aesthetically pleasing landscaping, and a sense of place.

The Hamlet of Stony Creek was historically designed in a manner that is still conducive to small businesses, shops, restaurants, and other attractions that could operate in the existing buildings. Future improvements to existing buildings, the construction of new attractive and functional mixed-use buildings on existing vacant land, and enhancement of riverfront access, are all vital to future revitalization efforts. Economic growth within the Hamlet of Stony Creek will make it possible to grow the tax base without placing an undesirable burden on residential property ownersHamlet Revitalization. Economic growth is generally tied to business attraction and expansion opportunities and is currently hindered by the lack of infrastructure. As part of the planning process, Laberge Group prepared conceptual cost estimates for the necessary infrastructure improvements to implement the plan’s strategies. In addition, an overall implementation matrix was created to outline the Town’s full revitalization needs, business expansion and attraction, and rehabilitation of vacant, blight, or underutilized commercial and residential properties.


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