Village Of Corinth – Water And Sewer Capital Improvement Program

The Village of Corinth retained Laberge Group to upgrade and rehabilitate a failing drinking water, storm, and sanitary sewer infrastructure – while maintaining the sewer/water service charges to the residents within the target established by the EFC. Laberge Group began by identifying the exact capital improvements necessary, creating a strategic implementation plan, and generating a cost estimate for the comprehensive projects that included:

  • Sewer main rehabilitation on several streets.
  • Extensions to the storm sewer systems where required.
  • Upgrade of a pump station.
  • New drinking water filtration plant.
  • New wastewater treatment plant.

Corinth is a small village of 2,500 people, of which 59% have a low to moderate income. This community could not afford to rectify these costly improvements without assistance – nor could they afford to lose the significant economic opportunities hindered by their failing water and sewer infrastructure.

After discovering the critical need for the Village to receive additional funds, Laberge Group was able to offer the Village of Corinth extensive grant preparation, program delivery, and administration services. Of the nearly $37 million estimated costs for the projects, Laberge Group assisted the Village in obtaining substantial funds from:

  • Both the Drinking and Clean Water State Revolving Funds at 0% interest.
  • NYS Water Grants – $5,000,000.
  • CDBG Funds – $3,200,000.
  • DASNY Sanitary and Storm Sewer Funds – $500,000.

Laberge Group’s Infrastructure Improvement Project with the Village of Corinth represents our unique ability to service clients from concept to completion. Laberge Group was able to not only offer the engineering services necessary to complete the projects, but was also a trusted partner in identifying appropriate costs and securing critical funding to complete projects.


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