Restore, NY Grant Funding Announced- 2017

Restore New York funding has just been announced and applications will be available September 15, 2017.

The Restore New York Communities Initiative provides municipalities with financial assistance for revitalization of commercial and residential properties. The program encourages community development and neighborhood growth through the elimination and redevelopment of blighted structures. Projects involving the demolition, deconstruction, rehabilitation and/or reconstruction of vacant, abandoned, condemned and surplus properties in blighted and/or urban areas are encouraged to apply.

Last year we saw strong emphasis placed on projects from economically distressed communities. Priority was given to projects that leveraged other state or federal redevelopment, remediation or planning programs including the Brownfield Opportunity Areas program and Empire Zones. Projects were scored more highly when they demonstrated the following:

• Project Feasibility
• Project Readiness (e.g. conformance with local planning and zoning, federal and state permits, etc.)
• Transportation and Utility Readiness
• Environmental Readiness (e.g. SEQR and SHPO, etc.)

Unsure where to start? Laberge Group can help! For the last 50 years clients and communities have come to Laberge Group for assistance with their most pressing concerns. To be the most ideal candidate for funding, your community will need to be prepared well in advance – waiting to prepare may mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost opportunities. We are proud to have assisted clients in accessing over $182 million in funding since 2000.

To arrange an informal, no obligation, meeting to discuss your needs, please call Ben Syden, AICP Vice President at 518-458-7112 or send an email to


Please send us an email. We will make every effort to get back to you within 24 hours.


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