Brookhaven Declared the Winner of $20M Government Efficiency Grant in New York State Competition

Laberge Group is proud to have partnered with the Town of Brookhaven in developing innovative approaches to reduce property taxes through the consolidation of shared government services and the development of visionary government efficiency solutions. The Town, one of six competing in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Municipal Consolidation and Efficiency Competition (MCEC) award for $20 million in grant funding, is the second largest in New York State. Solutions outlined within the plan, which is aptly named Brookhaven United, are estimated to save $61 million for taxpayers. That equates to a return of more than three times the investment made by New York State in disseminating the grant dollars. Brookhaven was declared the winner of the $20 million grant in the fall of 2018.

Understanding that the efficient and effective delivery of services is of paramount importance to both municipalities and taxpayers, Laberge Group has worked with dozens of communities throughout New York State to deliver cost savings, reduce duplicate layers of local government, and streamline and modernize service delivery.


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