Town of Black Brook, NY Comprehensive Plan Consulting Services

Laberge Group has been retained by the Town of Black Brook, NY to collaborate on the development of a Comprehensive Plan. By integrating smart growth and age-friendly principles into the Plan’s development, the result will be a comprehensive guide for decision making that will protect Black Brook’s quality of life while continuing to promote tourism, attract investment, foster job creation, stem population decline, address aging infrastructure, and serve the housing and social needs of an aging population. Laberge Group also partnered with the Town to secure an Adirondack Park Community Smart Growth grant to defray the cost of developing this plan.

Laberge Group’s experienced planning professionals leverage years of experience and best-practices knowledge to partner with communities throughout New York State on the development of Comprehensive Plans. Our team collaborates with elected officials, community leaders, stakeholders, business owners, residents, and students to establish a common vision for the future of their municipality and develop specific strategies to attain that vision.

With an emphasis on implementation that leads to plans that are put into use rather than sitting on a shelf, Laberge Group incorporates a detailed “Blueprint for Action” in each Comprehensive Plan. This implementation matrix stipulates specific projects and identifies the team members, resources, timeframes, performance measures, and potential funding sources required to bring these projects to fruition.

Laberge Group has recently provided consulting services to the following communities to develop or update Comprehensive Plans:

  • Town of Easton, NY
  • Town of Esopus, NY
  • Town of Galway, NY
  • Town of Granby, NY
  • Town of Hoosick, NY
  • Town of Kingsbury, NY
  • Town of Lloyd, NY
  • Town of Prattsville, NY
  • Town of Sand Lake, NY
  • City of Cohoes, NY
  • City of Dunkirk, NY


Is your community looking for opportunities to promote tourism, attract investment, foster job creation, and address aging infrastructure? If so, developing a Comprehensive Plan is an excellent tool to establish common goals and identify strategies to attain those goals. A recent Comprehensive Plan based on a robust public engagement process is also an important tool to aid in securing funding from state and federal sources. 

Laberge Group is happy to be a resource for you. Submit this form to request a free Comprehensive Plan Consultation. We’ll be in touch shortly to schedule a time for a phone call or Zoom meeting.