Village of New Square, NEW YORK
Drainage and Flood Mitigation Improvements

In the Village of New Square’s densely populated urban center, flooding during heavy rain events impacts thousands of people in a short timeframe. The frequent flooding of roadways and low-lying areas causes hazardous conditions as well as damage to roads, sidewalks, civic institutions, and homes. These floods also obstruct travel, disrupt employment, and negatively impact quality of life within the community. Laberge Group was retained by the Village to design and implement stormwater drainage infrastructure improvements to address the underlying drainage issues.

Laberge Group secured funding for, and completed, a Drainage Infrastructure Needs Assessment. This initial phase entailed mapping the Village’s drainage system, highlighting major areas of concern, identifying impediments affecting the system, and recommending improvements to establish a sustainable drainage system. In this assessment, Laberge Group identified insufficient and compromised stormwater infrastructure, increasing impervious surfaces, and surrounding drainage patterns as the underlying causes of the frequent flooding.

Stormwater drainage improvements designed to mitigate the system deficiencies are currently being designed. These improvements include drainage channel restoration, replacement of select storm sewers with larger diameter pipes, installation of additional storm system inlets such as catch basins, and select rerouting of storm sewers to new outfall locations. Additional implementation services include right of way mapping; wetland, cultural resources, and geotechincal investigations; and construction phase services. Laberge Group also partnered with the Village to obtain $2,400,000 in Community Project Funding (CPF) to support the design and implementation of this project.


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