Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan Esopus NY

Identified as a key recommendation in the Town’s 2019 Comprehensive Plan, the Town of Esopus is updating their 1987 Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP). Laberge Group was retained to provide professional assistance with organization, public outreach, policy evaluation, and project feasibility analyses. To help fund the project, the Town received funding from the New York State Department of State with grant writing assistance from Laberge Group.

While the Town of Esopus has over 21 miles of shoreline, waterfront access and appropriate commercial uses are limited. Increasing recreational access and compatible waterfront economic development opportunities is desired. To that end, the LWRP is seeking to expand the existing WRA boundary to include the remainder of the Rondout Creek along with the Wallkill River. In addition, the updated LWRP is seeking to encourage new economic activity and improve public access to and recreational use of the Hudson River, Rondout Creek and Wallkill River, while at the same time protecting and restoring natural resources and habitats.

The Town’s existing Waterfront Advisory Board (WAB) is guiding the project. In addition to the seasoned WAB members, it is vital to seek public and stakeholder input. The Town is holding three public meetings and conducting numerous stakeholder interviews. In addition, a Visual Preference Survey is being conducted to help craft waterfront and hamlet design guidelines. To facilitate revitalization ideas, the LWRP will also include concept drawings of desired recreational and commercial waterfront revitalization ideas that are being considered as part of the project.

The evolving LWRP is currently evaluating opportunities for:

  • Increasing connectivity and accessibility between the waterfront and Hamlet centers
  • Promoting economic growth and stability
  • Preserving & enhancing community character and visual appeal
  • Encouraging sustainability and green infrastructure
  • Promoting recreational opportunities
  • Preserving, protecting, & enhancing unique waterfront assets


Is your community seeking to improve waterfront access? Identify opportunities for sustainable waterfront economic development? Preserve and protect waterfront assets? An LWRP is an important tool to accomplish these ends, while also helping to leverage potential funding opportunities. To discuss whether an LWRP would be a useful tool for your community, please reach out to request a free, no-obligation consultation – or simply ask a question that you may have. We’d be glad to help.