The Town of Pawling retained Laberge Group to provide grant services within the framework of an Annual Grant Services Agreement. This streamlined system was developed by Laberge Group to provide efficient, long-term funding strategies de-signed to align our client communities’ funding efforts and resources with each community’s top priorities. This suite of services also ensures that client communities are well-positioned to leverage new funding sources as they become available.

Within the framework of this agreement, Laberge Group provides the Town of Pawling with the following services:

  • Needs Analysis: Our Grant Services team interviewed department heads and Town leaders to understand priorities as well as current and future infrastructure and operational needs. Laberge Group also partnered with the Town to explore opportunities for shared services with neighboring communities. The team also reviewed pertinent planning documents and previous grant applications before distilling the information into an analysis of project needs.
  • Funding Strategy Development: Laberge Group developed a customized funding strategy based on the findings of the Needs Analysis and provided a detailed Funding Needs Analysis and Grant Matrix which cross-referenced short, medium, and long-term needs with the most promising funding sources. Laberge Group updates this matrix annually. These updates are informed by ongoing discussions with the Town as well as developments in the pool of available funding.
  • Funding Research and Surveillance: Grant services professionals from Laberge Group utilize the funding strategy to provide ongoing monitoring of funding opportunities and to deliver alerts regarding new opportunities as they become available.

Initial funding opportunities include:

  • NYSDEC Municipal Waste Reduction and Recycling Program – Recycling Equipment Upgrade Project
  • Office of Parks, Recreation and Historical Preservation – Lakeside Park Installation and Playground Improvement
  • NYSDEC Water Quality Improvement Program – MS4 Mapping And Software Implementation Project
  • NYSDEC Urban and Community Forestry Grant – Tree Inventory and Community Forest Management Plan
  • Empire State Development Grant – Route 22 South Sanitary Sewer Expansion


To learn how an Annual Grant Services Agreement can streamline your community’s project funding strategy, get in touch. We’d be happy to provide you with a no-cost consultation.