Laberge Group has partnered with the City of Albany for years to research, develop, and procure grant funding that is vital to undertaking projects that are essential to the continued strength of this vibrant community. Some of the strategic projects whose implementation has been enabled by this funding include infrastructure improvements, downtown revitalization, business and economic development, job creation and training, public safety initiatives, park and public facility improvements, waterfront development, and much more. Recent funding awards have included:

  • NYPA-Cities Rise funding to modernize technology and increase efficiency of the City’s data management systems.
  • RESTORE NY funding to enable economic development and neighborhood revitalization credited with attracting patrons from throughout the City and Region to downtown Albany while maintaining more than 130 full-time jobs.
  • Pedestrian Safety Plan Action Plan (PSAP) funding to undertake pedestrian safety improvement measures.

Ongoing grant services include:

  • Grant Needs Analysis: Quarterly reviews of the City of Albany’s planning documents as well as short and long-term goals are conducted to identify potential priorities for funding.
  • Grant Funding Research: Ongoing surveillance of the grant environment to identify funding resources well-suited to funding the City’s priority projects. These findings are periodically presented to the City.
  • Grant Proposal Development: Applications are assigned to the Laberge Group team member(s) with the greatest knowledge of the subject area and most experience with the relevant funding entity. The applications are professionally prepared, strongly linking the proposed project with the mandate of the funding entity. Each application is also accompanied by the highest possible level of supporting documentation, thus demonstrating project readiness and differentiating the application from an increasingly competitive field of worthy applications.


To learn how an Annual Grant Services Agreement can streamline your community’s project funding strategy, get in touch. We’d be happy to provide you with a no-cost consultation.