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Brownfield Planning and RedevelopmentBrownfield Planning and Redevelopment

Brownfield planning and redevelopment is a collaborative process of examining site-specific environmental hazards, land use history, potential remediation methodologies, and overall community needs and goals for the surrounding area. They are considered a source of blight by  communities and neighborhoods in which they are located. Redevelopment of such sites is critical to economic revitalization, sustainable growth, and community health initiatives.

A community’s brownfield redevelopment plan should identify and analyze demographic characteristics of the surrounding area, market feasibility of redevelopment scenarios, and environmental restrictions. Typically, this is a grassroots process that involves residents and stakeholders directly affected by the contaminated site, resulting in a redevelopment scenario that provides the highest and best use. Brownfield redevelopment planning involves providing a strategy for the creation of new jobs, remediation of contaminated sites, and sustainable development.

Brownfield Planning and RedevelopmentEach sustainable community oriented  redevelopment plan developed by the Laberge Group incorporates specific activities, including:

  • Demographic and economic profile.
  • Community resources inventory.
  • SWOT workshops.
  • Retail market analysis.
  • Pedestrian and bicycle access/facilities.
  • Public transit improvements.
  • Sustainable development/design.


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