Don’t be Fooled!
Village Dissolution is a Town Issue, not a Village Issue!

Since the 2010 adoption of the ‘N.Y. Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment Act,’ more than 23 villages have dissolved into their surrounding towns. Laberge Group’s Ben Syden and Nicole Allen explained to a packed house at the 2024 AOT Annual Conference why it is essential that towns fully participate in the planning for dissolution and in the transition after the referendum has been certified.  

Essential issues that must be thoroughly considered and effectively implemented upon dissolution include:

  • Development of annual budgets, legacy districts, and the tax cap.
  • Transfer of employees, job classifications, and civil service.
  • Creation of special districts for public infrastructure.
  • Long-term health and retirement benefits for former village employees.
  • Asset disposition, and equipment/land transfers
  • Completion of village projects.
  • Inclusion of the new hamlet in the Comprehensive Plan and zoning.
  • And much more!


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Gone are the days when Village leaders could simply hand over the keys and turn off the lights. The road to transition is no longer a straightforward path; instead, it is often circuitous and lined with potential obstacles and challenges.


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Village Dissolution is a Town Issue, not a Village Issue!” Simply submit this form and we’ll send the slides to you right away.