Laberge Group was retained by the Village of Nassau, NY to provide street improvements and repairs to address drainage and other issues throughout the community. Issues on various streets, including Malden Avenue, Lake Avenue, Elm Street, and Alter Ally ranged from recurring drainage problems, to the need for resurfacing, to road reconstruction after the replacement of a deteriorated water main. Laberge Group provided services to address these issues spanning from project initiation to completion. These include:

  • Topographic surveys
  • Basemapping
  • Preliminary plans, including layout of improvements and opinion of probable cost
  • Final designs, including completed plan and detail sheets
  • Implementation plans including traffic and safety control as well as erosion and sediment control
  • Full bidding services from the development of contract documents to the recommendation of contractor bid award
  • Contract administration including review of contractor submittals and payment requests
  • Construction observation of the watermain installation

Upon completion of this multi-faceted, multi-street project, the citizens and business owners of Nassau will reap the benefits of properly surfaced, well-draining streets throughout their Village.

If your community is considering street repairs and improvements, contact Laberge Group to discuss your options, including phased implementation and funding possibilities. Please reach out to Ben Syden at (518) 458-7112 or contact us at to schedule a free conference call.