Laberge Group has been retained by the Town of Esopus to update the Town’s decades-old Local Waterfront Redevelopment Plan (LWRP). We are proud to partner once again with this forward-thinking community to establish a revised long-term plan to develop strategies for economic revitalization, enhance recreational opportunities along the shoreline and in waterfront Hamlets, and increase waterfront resiliency to protect water resources from the threats of sea level rise and increasing storm severity.

Economic Revitalization: The Town of Esopus, surrounded by water on three sides, will update its LWRP to address the current economic underutilization of this invaluable resource by summarizing current opportunities, issues, and constraints. This analysis will inform the development of strategies and recommendations to maximize the potential of the Town’s waterfront to become an economic development engine that offers a multitude of tourism and recreation opportunities for residents and visitors.

Access & Recreation: The LWRP will also address improvements to public waterfront access for recreation, day use, and sightseeing purposes. Bolstering waterfront access and use options met with overwhelming public support during the development of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, particularly the creation and improvement of canoe/kayak launching sites and storage, designated fishing areas, renovations of existing park amenities, increased community events, and the construction of a swimming beach.

Increased Resiliency: A critical component of the LWRP will be identifying steps necessary to prepare for anticipated sea level rise, expected increases in 100-year flood occurrences, and the increasing severity of storms. These factors will all have significant impacts on existing and future land uses in several waterfront areas within the Town, including spans along the Hudson River. The Plan will lay out strategies to address these issues through shoreline stabilization and other efforts to increase resilience to the impact of flooding, storm severity, and population growth.

Public Participation: To encourage robust participation of community members in the development and implementation of the LWRP, Laberge Group will design, promote, and implement a multi-faceted community outreach plan. Public participation opportunities will include public workshops and visioning sessions with stakeholders and local organizations.

Implementation Strategies and Tools: Included with the LWRP will be techniques for implementation of the programs outlined within the Plan. This will include code amendments and policies necessary to implement the strategies set forth in the LWRP. Laberge Group will also specify public and private sector undertakings necessary for the optimal implementation of the LWRP.

The Town of Esopus is to be commended for their proactive and hands-on approach to both protecting their waterfront and optimizing its use for the recreational and economic benefit of its citizens and stakeholders.

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