Laberge Group is proud to have presented the Town Board of the Town of Esopus, NY with a waterfront access plan. As reported by The Daily Freeman, the Board will review the Esopus Riverfront Access and Connections Study which identifies projects intended to improve access for people of “all ages and abilities” to the Roundout Creek and Hudson River. Recommended projects include:

  • Boat, canoe, and kayak access improvements, trail upgrades, and increased handicapped-accessibility at Sleightsburgh Park.
  • Watercraft access and remediation of stormwater drainage issues at George Freer Park.
  • Shoreline stabilization and construction of a launch for non-motorized watercrafts at Lighthouse Park.
  • And more.

In addition to improvements to, and addition of, recreational amenities to parks, preserves, and trails, the waterfront access plan includes design recommendations to address the anticipated rise in sea level and increasing intensity of storms. These include bulkhead improvements and replacements as well as shoreline stabilization at several waterfront locations.

Or visit The Daily Freeman HERE.