Interim Study of Dissolution New York State
Study of Dissolution finds that Village dissolution may actually cost Village residents MORE in taxes

The Village of Spencer has made the Interim Study of Dissolution, prepared by Laberge Group, available to the public for review. This Interim Study, which was developed in response to a petition submitted by citizens of the Village calling for the dissolution, provides information essential for the electorate to make an informed decision when the proposed dissolution comes to a vote.

This Study is based on discussions with Village and Town elected officials, as well as operational and fiscal data procured from the Village and Town. The Study provides information on possible effects that terminating Village governance might have on services and governance, as well as the related fiscal impact of dissolution. Based on non-binding input from both the Village and Town, the Study conveys the potential impact of dissolution on services such as Highway and DPW, Fire Services, Street Lights, Police Services, and Land Use /Planning Deliberations.

A key take-away from the Interim Study is the likelihood that, contrary to presumptions, a Village dissolution is likely to raise taxes for Village residents rather than lower them. An unexpected finding like this underscores the importance of conducting this type of study to provide accurate and unbiased information to inform a vote of great significance to Village residents. The Full Interim Study of Dissolution is available HERE.

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