Shared Fuel Consolidation Services Implementation

Phase III Fuel Consolidation Project – Hamilton County, NY

The Phase III Hamilton County Fuel Consolidation Project is in the final phase of the County-managed shared fuel storage and dispensing program. This innovative County-wide program will allow all municipalities, agencies and stakeholders within Hamilton County to obtain fuel from strategically positioned County managed fueling facilities.
This final phase of the project included the replacement of existing motor fuel storage and dispensing facilities in Inlet, Morehouse and the County’s facility in Lake Pleasant, with properly designed and equipped fueling facilities that can be shared by neighboring communities.
The newly installed systems included equipment that can remotely and automatically inform employees of the tank status at each participating site. This will allow the County to purchase fuel in the right proportions, and at the right times. The new system will eliminate the need for multiple Towns, Schools, Fire Departments and government agencies to operate and maintain individual fueling facilities. Instead, the County will maintain fuel supplies and invoice each stakeholder monthly for the actual fuel used.
This County-wide project serves as a model of how consolidating services can save taxpayer dollars, and deliver environmentally safe fueling options while reducing the need for unnecessarily duplicative fuel storage tanks and fueling facilities. If fueling options were similarly consolidated statewide, thousands of redundant fueling sites could be eliminated, which would help to protect millions of gallons of groundwater, countless miles of streams and shorelines, and hundreds of thousands of tons of soil.


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