28120 Town of Ledyard Design GuidelinesLaberge Group was commissioned by the Town of Ledyard in New London County, Connecticut, to prepare Design Guidelines for the Ledyard Center Village Districts and the Gales Ferry Design Districts. The Design Guidelines act as a guide for new construction within the Ledyard Center Village Districts and the Gales Ferry Design Districts. The guidelines established a foundation of good urban design in a unique setting. They ensured new infill be designed to be an integral part of the continued success of the immediate area and larger community. These guidelines implemented policies that help the Town achieve the goals identified and outlined in its adopted Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD).

The Design Guidelines for the Ledyard Center Village Districts supports the growth and development of Ledyard Center as a traditional “New England village” with an attractive Town Green to build upon social traditions while encouraging appropriate businesses. The Design Guidelines were developed to protect and enhance these characteristics by:

  • 28120 Town of Ledyard Design Guidelines2Supporting future development with a mixture of commercial, residential, and civic uses consistent with the Town’s Zoning Regulations to establish an identifiable community center.
  • Supporting and developing a “sense of place” for Ledyard Center through appropriately scaled commercial and mixed-use development, harmonious streetscapes, walkways, and plantings.
  • Promoting infill and redevelopment in Ledyard Center to create a destination for shopping and services, a home for diverse age groups, and a convenient gathering place for the broader community.

The Design Guidelines for the Gales Ferry Design Districts will support growth and development of the Gales Ferry Design District as a pedestrian-friendly commercial, civic, and residential center. Infill and redevelopment within the Gales Ferry Design District, with a specific emphasis on the former Gales Ferry School and the “Ocean State Job Lot” shopping center, were important aspects of the Design Guidelines to encourage higher density pedestrian-friendly development, and to prevent traffic congestion along State Route 12.