Watkins Glen Comprehensive PlanLaberge Group was retained by the Village of Watkins Glen to develop a Comprehensive Plan that was built upon the recently completed Lakefront Management & Development Strategy. The Plan will be used to understand changing economic conditions, to identify local attitudes toward community characteristics and needs, to identify development opportunities, and to regulate land use. The Comprehensive Plan is the community’s “roadmap” for the future.

Laberge Group, with assistance from the Village and Schuyler County utilized a Community Outreach Process to inform the public about the planning process and its findings, to solicit their views and suggestions for items to be included within Plan, as well as build public consensus on key issues and common goals for the future. Calling all the feedback from these efforts, the goals and strategies were finalized and tailored to reflect the Village’s desired vision of the future. The resulting strategies provide local government, businesses, and citizens with a guide for future decisions and will have a positive impact on the local economy, in the following areas:

  • Watkins Glen Comprehensive Plan2Business Retention, Attraction & Expansion.
  • Tourism, Historical & Cultural Resources.
  • Housing.
  • Recreation & Community Programming.
  • Municipal Service & Public Infrastructure.
  • Natural Resources.