MS4 ComplianceLaberge Group has worked with the Village of Colonie in the past to ensure their compliance with the New York State Stormwater Management Program and the implementation deadline of January 8th, 2008. The Program is designed to be an ongoing regulated program to ensure that water runoff from all sites is cleaner, and less invasive to our communities  waterways.

Laberge Group has assisted the Village of Colonie in creating custom-tailored guidelines and regulations. The Village is emphasizing public and private sector understanding of the need for the program, and the steps that the Village of Colonie is taking to ensure compliance.

These efforts include public meetings, public information, and participation. The storm water management program includes physically locating all of the outfalls in the MS4 areas, and monitoring them yearly for signs of illicit discharges. Once in place this program will ensure clean water and minimal pollution from storm water runoff.