Highway Garage & Related Facilities. Town of Roxbury, New York

Highway GarageThis project includes the planning and design of a new 16,000 square foot Municipal Highway Garage Facility for the Town of Roxbury. Storing vehicles and equipment outdoors year after year can speed up the deterioration of a Town’s valuable assets. With budgetary constraints in mind, Laberge Group began the design with a pre-engineered steel building and modified it for the Town’s needs saving time and money. After approving a design, the construction was started and completed within eight months for a total construction cost of $1.4M. This cost includes the lift equipment, and fully equipped locker/shower rooms, break room, and office. This is fifteen bay building includes a mechanical bay with twenty-five-ton heavy lift Highway Garageequipment for maintaining the Town’s varied fleet of trucks, graders and other support vehicles. The buildings systems feature a zoned radiant heat system throughout, maximizing heat distribution and energy efficiency.

In building a state of the art Highway Garage the Town of Roxbury can protect, extend and improve the useful life of its fleet, improve the working conditions of its employees, and comply with the current stringent environmental and building standards of this building type.


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