Environmental ComplianceLaberge Group was retained by the Town of Lake Pleasant in response to a Notice of Violation (NOV) issued by the Department of Environmental Conservation.  Services included completing an independent facility inspection to validate completeness of the NOV and identify other potential items of non-compliance.  A compliance work plan was then developed to outline all work items needed to bring the facility into compliance, and to remediate on site spills caused improper material handling, leaking hydraulic lift and by floor drainage outlets.  The work plan was delivered to the DEC within two (2) weeks of contract award as required to meet timelines established in the NOV.

The final approved work plan developed for this project listed all activities required to bring the facility into compliance with the petroleum bulk storage (PBS) program and included comprehensive completion schedules.  Final implementation activities consisted of developing design plans and specifications for soil remediation, storage tank removal/replacement, equipment upgrade, vehicle lift removal and replacement, and development of an inspection training program for long term facility compliance.  Plans suitable for bidding were prepared for construction items.  Laberge Group also prepared a successful grant application for this project which provided over $700,000 to permanently close the Lake Pleasant fueling facility and construct two new fueling facilities for use by the Town of Lake Pleasant and ten (10) other municipalities and organizations in close proximity.