Canalway Trail. Town of German Flatts, New York

Trail DesignThe State of New York has developed a program to revitalize the Erie Canalway Trail. As part of the revitalization, the state will be completing the 348 mile Canalway bicycle and pedestrian facility. This project includes construction for a 2.1 mile segment along the southerly shoreline of the Erie Canal/Mohawk River to the Fort Herkimer Church Heritage Park. It will produce future economic benefits in the Canal Corridor and, more specifically, to the Town of German Flatts by providing opportunities to construct adjacent waterfront development. It is designed to attract cyclists, joggers, and recreational users.

The physical trail consists of a paved surface suitable for the recreational use that allows for handicapped accessibility. This project provides many appurtenances including landscape plantings, fencing, retaining walls, guide railing, storm sewer conveyance. In addition, both historical interpretive and way-finding signage are provided.

Trail DesignThe project is supported by TEA 21 grant funds, administered through NYSDOT and NYS Canal Corporation and is municipally administered by the Town of German Flatts. It involves preliminary and final design services (Phases I-VI) and Construction Support Services. Preliminary design activities include developing preliminary plans, profiles, and typical sections, performing social, economic and environmental assessments, all evaluated in the Design Report. This project also followed SEQRA and NEPA processes. The trail is designed to comply with ADA requirements. The final design includes developing all necessary plans, details and engineer’s opinion of cost.


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