Hempstead Voices

Support for the Village of Hempstead’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative application is strong and spans community members ranging from civic and education institution leaders to business owners and long-time residents. The DRI is seen as the next step to build upon the momentum underway to transform and revitalize Downtown Hempstead,

As a lifelong resident of Hempstead and now Mayor I envision Hempstead rising beyond its former glory.

Hempstead has always been the Hub and I believe as we strive to revitalize our downtown it will benefit our residents and the entire region. Hempstead is unique in many ways. Our downtown is centrally located and we have access by railroad and bus.

The people of Hempstead have so much potential and determination and with this investment, our community will make major strides for a greater tomorrow and hope for the next generation.”
Hon. Waylyn Hobbs Jr.
Village of Hempstead

The fortunes and future of downtown Hempstead are critical to the well-being of Hofstra, our students, faculty and employees, and important for the regional redevelopment of the Uniondale HUB.  

A vibrant and redeveloped downtown  Hempstead, with its central location and already developed transit links and infrastructure, could serve as a revitalized, walkable downtown for a diverse population, including recent graduates and young professionals, as well as current residents, businesses and recreation.

Under new leadership with renewed energy, the Village is in a good position to initiate a new effort to revitalize our area.”

Susan Poser
Hofstra University

As a 29 year resident of the Village of Hempstead, Downtown Hempstead is truly special to me.

I’m encouraged by the recent movement I see to make it safer and more prosperous.  The people and community leaders have what it takes to get that job done.

I can now picture a downtown that really works for its residents and business owners. Finally, a change is gonna come!”

Doris Sharpe
Longtime Resident and Community Activist

As one of the largest employers in the community, one of the largest challenges we face is hiring. An infusion in downtown revitalization and Downtown Hempstead Reimagined would address this issue by providing the affordable childcare that BOTH employees AND employers truly need.

Current childcare costs are often equivalent to an employee’s entire pay check. That holds people back from earning and prevents families from becoming two income wage-earners. That one shift alone could cause a trebling effect of stable two income families spending their money locally, enabling local merchants to hire, and creating even more jobs.”
Robert C. Pape
Dell Transportation Corp

CDCLI enthusiastically supports the Village of Hempstead’s application for Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) funding. Downtown Hempstead Reimagined would would leverage DRI funding to join momentum of transformation already underway through multiple proposals for private investment downtown.

CDCLI is co-sponsor on one such project, Carman Place, which consists of redeveloping over 300,000 square feet of underutilized properties to provide new commercial space and 228 units of permanent obtainable rental residences; for the diverse financial situations of current residents at every stage of life. This development has a complex 13 source capital sourcing structure; ranging from funding for Brownsfield Environmental remediation to private investment.

As noted in the June 2020 assessment conducted by National Development Corporation, “Carman Place Apartments will be one of the first developments under construction as part of the Village of Hempstead’s redevelopment which is expected to transform the downtown into a vibrant mixed-use, walkable neighborhood.

With this type of private and public partnership, the future that residents and leadership envision is bright for the Village of Hempstead, and we look forward to being a part of this catalytic investment in the community.”

Gwen O’Shea
President & CEO

We are very excited to see  the  downtown revitalization  of the Village of Hempstead  transform into the implementation phase.  As one of the projects that is “shovel ready” we look forward to being a catalyst that will kick start the development throughout this region.     

In development, our project will create hundreds of jobs, many of them dedicated to local residents.  We also support training programs that focus on local young people who need such training to break out of the cycle of poverty and gain skills that will keep them employed for life.  Our project will develop internships for people interested in learning  new trades. 

Once developed, we will have an inclusive, mixed use, housing and retail development that will enable people to thrive in the community of their choice.  Future development in this area will create a “smart growth” community where people can walk to transportation, work and local conveniences.   

We are very excited that a component of this project includes housing for veterans who are in need of an affordable place to live with supports.”     

Ralph Fasano
Executive Director
Concern for Independent Living

The Long Island Builders Institute, the largest residential builder trade association in New York State, strongly supports the funding request of the Village of Hempstead for infrastructure improvements to allow for the redevelopment of a variety of sites within the village.

It is time for the Village of Hempstead to take its place once again as the center of residential and business activity in Nassau County and these funds will allow the investment of millions of dollars of private capital. The Long Island Regional Economic Development Council has made the redevelopment of our downtowns a focal point of its Long Island plan of action and this request meets all of these requirements.”

Mitchell H. Pally
Chief Executive Officer
Long Island Builder’s Institute

Grubb Properties seeks to provide essential housing in communities that are close to entertainment, job centers, and transportation so our residents can connect to what matters.

We support and enhance efforts to promote alternative transportation such as walking, biking, and public transit, which will benefit residents, workers, visitors, and future generations.

Progress is underway to revitalize Downtown Hempstead to be this kind of community. We would be proud to join the many who are contributing to bringing this vision to life.”

Grubb Properties

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) – is a way of designing crime out of a neigh-borhood by means of changing and developing the neighborhood to a safer environment.  We partner with private and public businesses and work with them to change their properties. These changes benefit residents and increase the safety of the public, at those locations.

Additional funding would allow use to look at more ways to increase public safety and economic development… and this leads to prosperity. 

Det. Matthew Murphy
Hempstead Village Police

Family and Children’s Association (FCA) has been a part of the Village of Hempstead for several generations and to this day, we operate more than a dozen health and human service programs.

Downtown revitalization has been a godsend to other communities across Long Island and we’ve long awaited these efforts in Hempstead. We look forward to supporting the Village of Hempstead’s leadership and the Community Development Corporation in making this dream a reality not just for today’s generation, but for generations to come.”

Jeffrey L. Reynolds, Ph.D
Family & Children’s Association (FCA)

Hempstead is a key partner with Nassau Community College on several initiatives. We believe an investment in a Downtown Hempstead Reimagined will expand on a vision in progress – once realized, it would create a sense of place and community pride, strengthen educational and employment partnerships, and solidify an economic base for future prosperity.”

Dawn Nolan
Assistant Dean, Center for Workforce Development
Nassau Community College

Adelphi is confident that the DRI funding will build on past successes such as collaborations with Adelphi’s Center for Non-Profit Leadership, which supports local non-profits, Adelphi’s Derner Hempstead Child Clinic, which provides mental health services to local parents and children.

Adelphi is poised and eager to work together with the Village to build long-lasting educational and health partnerships in order to serve and support Village residents and their families.”

Christopher K. Storm, Ph.D.
Adelphi University

It’s the right time for further investment in Downtown Hempstead, centrally located between two of the area’s biggest infrastructure projects, UBS Arena in Elmont and the Nassau ‘Hub’ in Uniondale. It will help improve the experience, not only for Downtown Village residents, but for visitors to the region, meaning further increased economic activity for Village of Hempstead businesses.”

Jon Daniels
Program Director & Brand Manager
KJOY and WHLI Radio

Downtown Hempstead has the potential to be one of the most beautiful and profitable downtowns in Long Island, with the potential to attract people from all over. With this funding supporting existing projects I know that the downtown can be a place that we all will love to come to, a place for people of all ages, and a place that our residents can feel happy and safe being in.”

Marvin Amazan
Wolfpack United, Social Impact Agency