This website is designed to keep the community updated and engaged with the development of the Interim Dissolution Study for the Village of Highland Falls.


Welcome to the Town of Easton project website. We are excited that you are here and interested in the future of the Town. This website is intended to provide information regarding the development of the Comprehensive Plan update, and keep the community informed of opportunities to participate in the process.
Please continue to check back often for project updates!

Why create a new Comprehensive Plan now?

It has been nearly 40 years since Easton completed its 1984 Comprehensive Plan and an examination of the community and economic needs. In that time, the Town has undergone significant shifts in agriculture and economic needs, along with new pressures for solar farms that, if unplanned have the potential to dramatically change the character of the community. In addition, homes and property within Easton are being purchased at higher rates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Altogether, these pressures create a need to understand the Town’s future vision.

An updated Comprehensive Plan will better assist in the evaluation of land use requests and the provision of design recommendations for various types of development in the Town. A plan update will place the Town of Easton on firm footing to address new challenges and position Easton for continued smart growth. 

Your input and insights are extremely important to this process.

Phased Planning Process

The comprehensive planning process will be divided into two phases:

The initial visioning phase, which is scheduled for completion by December of 2022, will provide for robust community engagement and extensive public involvement to establish a clear vision for the future of Easton. The Town has successfully secured a grant from the Hudson River Valley Greenway to initiate Phase 1 Visioning for the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

Through Phase 1, Easton will seek to achieve balanced and diversified community input utilizing a variety of outreach methods to solicit participation. Engaging the community in meetings, focus groups, surveys, and interviews, residents and business owners will be directly involved in forming the vision for development and preservation in the Town of Easton. Phase 1 will further allow the Town to evaluate progress made over the last 40+ years, identify gaps, prioritize the community’s next steps, and leverage future funding opportunities.

Phase 1 activities include:

  • Public Outreach Efforts  —  Ongoing
  • Public Meeting 1: Open House
  • Public Meeting 2: Workshop  
  • Community Vision Plan

The second phase will leverage the findings, and analysis conducted during Phase 1 into the preparation of the full Comprehensive Plan. the Town has an opportunity to apply to NYS Department of State’s (NYS DOS) Smart Growth Comprehensive Planning Grant Program to leverage these awarded funds and complete Phase 2 of the planning process. Robust community involvement, input, and support is of major importance not only in our planning approach to this project but it is also critically important in the competitive grant funding process. We appreciate your interest in this vital planning project and welcome your insights and questions to help shape the planning process and the future of the Town of Easton.

Phase 2 activities include:

  • Establish Community Vision
  • Inventory and Analysis
  • Identify Goals & Objects
  • Draft 1 Completed for Review
  • Final Draft Completed
  • Public Hearing
  • Town Board Acceptance  

How can I get involved in the process?

It is important to get involved in the Comprehensive Plan activities, from data collection, to community visioning and mapping, to the creation of community goals and objectives. The Get Involved page of this website describes all of the current opportunities available to provide your input, including public meetings, online surveys, and questionnaires.

More to come.

This website will provide information about opportunities for public input, meeting updates, relevant documents, and additional information as it becomes available. Please check back often for updates.

Updated August 11, 2022