This website is designed to keep the community updated and engaged with the development of the Interim Dissolution Study for the Village of Highland Falls.


Welcome to the Town of Lloyd Comprehensive Plan project website. We are excited that you are here and interested in the future of the Town. This website is intended to provide information regarding the development of the Comprehensive Plan update, and keep the community informed of opportunities to participate in the process.
Please continue to check back often for project updates!

Thank You!

For attending our Public Workshop on January 16, 2024. 

We look forward to seeing you at our first public hearing for the Comprehensive Plan to be scheduled soon.  Please check back often for the draft copy of the plan.

Why create a new Comprehensive Plan now?

The Town of Lloyd’s (Ulster County) leaders have determined that the current Comprehensive Plan, last updated in 2013, needs another update to reflect the community’s values and challenges.  Within this planning effort, there will be steps to assess and identify the varied potential community needs and opportunities. As part of strategizing for future overall community and economic development, there can be investigation and community dialogue about the infrastructural conditions and ways to invest in, enhance and leverage the assets which serve as underpinnings of growth and development within the Town.  

This comprehensive planning update is being performed in two Phases.  The first phase, which was funded by a grant from the Hudson River Valley Greenway Grant, included a visioning process and the final report can be accessed at this link.

As a smart growth plan, there will be exploration of how to direct growth and prepare for and mitigate climate change. Since 2005, there were two major hurricanes, which caused flooding, and a third event resulted in a significant coastal storm surge. Such extreme weather influences awareness of a need to continue with an ongoing assessment of risks the community faces and to plan for long-term resiliency and emergency preparedness.

At the same time, we will explore how to advance a distinctive, attractive community with sense of place. For instance, since the Walkway Over the Hudson State Park and the Hudson Valley Rail Trail have been completed, they are influencing patterns of mobility, recreation, and regional tourism – there can be discussions about how assets like these can be leveraged to aid beneficial community development. Likewise, partly influenced by the pandemic, housing market pressures have heightened, and there are economic shifts, plus changes in job markets. These all represent development conditions and opportunities that are in need of evaluation.

Project Schedule

PHASE II Comprehensive Plan Development

Phase II of this process will refine preliminary goals, objectives, and strategies developed during the first phase of the plan, and identify where smart growth principles can be embraced in the Planning Process and Key Priority projects in the Town of Lloyd to make the community more vibrant and resilient.   This Phase is funded by the New York State Department of State Smart Growth Planning Grant.

The Project Schedule below are opportunities for the public to have input in the process and may change as meetings are added or updated.  It is anticipated this project could potentially be complete by April 2024.

Phase II: Final Comprehensive Plan

Pop-up: Future Trend- October 7, 2023
Public workshop #2 – November 20, 2023
Public Workshop #3 – Mid-Jan 
CPC Public Hearing #1 on Draft Plan -TBD



PHASE 1 – Complete

The first phase was completed in April of 2023 and included a visioning process. Click HERE to view the full Vision Report

How can I get involved in the process?

It is important for residents to participate in the Comprehensive Plan activities. There will be opportunities for you and other community members to assist data collection, community visioning and mapping, and the creation of community goals and objectives.

The Get Involved page describes current options available to give your input, including by:

  • Attending and contributing to public meetings;
  • Supplying comments or questions on the Feedback Form available on this website; and
  • Attending and contributing at public meetings;
  • Attending the public hearing for the final plan prior to adoption by the Town Board.

More to come.

This website will provide information about opportunities for public input, meeting updates, relevant documents, and additional information as it becomes available. Please check back often for updates.

Updated August 8, 2023