Effective Government Efficiency Initiatives Begin with Careful Study

Government efficiency initiatives require careful study prior to implementation

When citizens organize to petition for a town/village consolidation or other government efficiency initiatives, the aim tends to be lowering taxes by eliminating redundant layers of government. While that’s a worthy goal, and often effective, reorganizations don’t always result in meaningful tax cuts for residents, and can potentially have unintended negative consequences. Because the specifics of each community vary widely – and those differences can have a significant impact on the efficacy of a reorganization – studies should be undertaken to determine the potential effect on tax rates, service provision, water and sewer districts, various facilities, and community debt. Armed with the fact-based and unbiased information that a study provides, voters can fully understand how a proposed reorganization will impact them and make informed decisions about the future of their community.

Laberge Group facilitated a discussion on the consolidation process during the Town of Pawling’s board meeting on August 12 to help citizens understand the complex petition process and the importance of coordinated fact-finding efforts prior to a vote. Laberge Group’s Government Operations & Efficiency team works with communities throughout New York State to evaluate government efficiency opportunities such as consolidation, dissolution, and shared services to determine which, if any, government reorganization models are in the best interest of each community.

To discuss studying the potential savings that a government efficiency study such as consolidation, dissolution, or shared services could provide for your community, request a free no-obligation phone consultation by CLICKING HERE or by calling Ben Syden, AICP, at (518) 458-7112.

Learn more about Laberge Group’s Government Operations & Efficiency team HERE.


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