Village of Fultonville

V-FultWelcomesYou“By working together with Laberge Group’s engineers and grant writers the Village has secured almost $4.5 million in funding for wastewater system improvements, housing rehabilitation, flood mitigation, main street revitalization, waterfront development and community planning. In addition, Laberge Group has been instrumental in guiding the Village through the FEMA process after the massive flooding events ravished our community.

In short, when a problem arises – we call Laberge Group for assistance. The firm’s staff have provided technical expertise and grant writing skills to develop solutions to the ever changing problems that small communities face. As a small family owned firm, both of the owners make themselves available by rolling up their sleeves and working side by side with village employees. With Laberge Group, the Village gets a partner, not just an engineer.”

Robert Headwell, Mayor for the Village of Fultonville


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