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Community participation is a central to the planning process. Public engagement will inform the community about the project. It also serves as a means for interested persons to participate in the formulation of plans. Some materials may be available in Yiddish and English, and possibly other languages. Please contact the Town should a translation be needed. A community outreach plan by Laberge Group Team provides an overall program for outreach and engagement and can be found within Planning Documents.

Public Outreach EffortsEach strategic development plan is planned to have the following process meetings. When dates are announced they can be found on Project News and the Town Calendar. Comments, input and feedback can be given at any time during the Project on the Contact /Feedback or at In addition to this Website, the following major public participation elements will be used during the planning process:

  1. Design Charrette(s) with Hands-On Design & Visioning Open House: A charrette is a structured, collaborative design session where participants provide ideas and suggestions. The goal is to gather information and illustrate opportunities and design solutions for future development that reflects the needs of the Town. Using maps, participants share their ideas on how to improve an area of Town conceptually. Workshop participants will be guided through activities designed to solicit feedback regarding the Town’s assets and liabilities. The Open House-style workshops solicits ideas that articulate a “preferred future” or “vision” for the Town which the Laberge Group Team will assemble into one collective vision.

  2. Work-in-Progress: W-I-P meetings present refinements of designs findings and explore options using renderings created by Laberge Group Team. The W-I-Ps are structured to follow-up on the initial Charrette/Open House for each unincorporated area’s Open-House, during which the Team will obtain perspectives of the community on created plans, diagrams and images depicting the future of areas. The W-I-P meetings will show adjustments made to the renderings based on the comments received.

  3. Priorities, Projects & Goals Workshop(s): Laberge Group Team will present draft goals and preliminary priorities, developed using information from meetings and comments. Workshop participants may complete group exercises to explore priorities and key goals. When dates are announced they can be found on Town Calendar.

  4. Community Survey(s): Laberge Group, working with the Town, prepared an opinion survey seeking input on land use and development priorities. The survey was available for completion on-line and via postcards which were supplied at Town Hall, both at the Building Department and the Town Clerk’s office. Community input was invaluable in shaping the planning process. See findings write-ups on Planning Documents Coming soon

For area specific involvement please visit:

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