Welcome to Envision Ramapo

Supervisor- Michael B. Specht, Deputy Supervisor- Brendel Logan, Town Council– Michael Rossman, Town Council– David Wanounou, Town Council- Yehuda Weissmandl

Welcome to the Town of Ramapo website for potential Comprehensive Plan Amendment for the Northeast Ramapo Development Plan (“Development Plan”); Comprehensive Plan Update of Town-Wide Existing Conditions; Town Code Amendments for Northeast Ramapo; and related Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS). This site provides information on the Town’s Planning projects. It supplies public access to Project documents and defines opportunities to participate in this process. Check back here and also watch the Town’s Website Homepage and Calendar for updates and project meetings

Monsey/Hillcrest- Coming Soon
Western Ramapo- Coming Soon

What is a Development Plan?

A Development Plan is a type of plan designed to provide direction for future development of a municipality through action-oriented and focused goals and strategies. It identifies a vision, goals, suggested actions, rationale, and resource allocations to advance desired land use and economic revitalization. Strategic development planning offers a process for moving from the general long-range (10-to-20-year) goals of a comprehensive plan to more specific short-term initiatives and actions.

The Town of Ramapo will develop a set of development plans to provide residents and municipal leaders with officially established policy that outlines community needs at the neighborhood level, identifies specific land use objectives, and manages desirable actions for each study area. As these plans are finalized, each strategic development plan will be adopted as and amendment to the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. These strategic plans enable the Town to react to future change and create a living Comprehensive Plan that can be easily amended in the future to reflect areas of the community most heavily affected.