Environmental Compliance Report Wastewater Treatment – Village of Kiryas Joel, New York

Wastewater TreatmentEnvironmental Compliance Report Wastewater Treatment

Laberge Group was retained by the Village of Kiryas Joel to prepare a Wastewater Treatment Facilities Compliance Report for their sewage treatment plant.  The report was subject to an Order on Consent with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.  The study found the treatment facility was experiencing SPDES permit violations frequently due to excessive pollutant loads from industrial discharge to this Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) and deferred maintenance and equipment failures.  Laberge Group assisted the Village with performance of stipulated compliance activities including:

  • Detailed evaluations of the unit processes and problems and conditions affecting compliance.
  • Analysis of historical and projected loadings for the plant and the industrial loadings components.
  • Plant capacity analysis and projected loadings impact evaluations.
  • Development of recommended measures and improvement for implementation and a proposed
  • Development of recommended implementation measures with and scheduling for eventual compliance.
  • Close technical collaboration with legal counsel for the client.

Wastewater Treatment The Village is steadily implementing the corrective measures recommended including screening, tertiary filter backwash handling improvements, and is aggressively seeking improved industrial pretreatment for major industrial contributors.

Laberge Group is preparing plans and specifications for priority plant improvements and assisting with efforts to obtain financial aid to offset costs to the Village residents.



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