The Anatomy of a Vibrant Downtown

The Anatomy of a Vibrant Downtown

PLANNING is to provide a framework that will help
transform your downtown into a VIBRANT
DOWNTOWN – a place where people love to LIVE,

The Anatomy of a Vibrant Downtown

  • Objective 1: Review of existing plans.
  • Objective 2: Inventory of existing conditions.
  • Objective 3: Visual assessment and photo log.
  • Objective 4: Assets and liabilities workshop.
  • Objective 5: Preliminary market analysis.
  • Objective 6: Market analysis presentation.
  • Objective 7: Business owner survey results.

Planning Tasks

  • Review of Existing Plans
  • Inventory of Existing Conditions
  • Visual Assessment and Photo Log
  • Assets and Liabilities Workshop
  • Preliminary Market Analysis
  • Market Analysis Presentation
  • Business Owner Survey Results


  1. Municipal/Economic Anchors:  Economic anchors within a downtown core draw steady crowds, which create active street life and encourage spin-off businesses.
  2. Architectural Integrity:  Traditional architecture provides a sense of place for a downtown and encourages a mix of uses that support a vibrant social and economic structure.
  3. Mixed Uses (Office, Residential, Specialty Shops):  Downtown buildings with restaurants, and pedestrian oriented commercial space on the first floor – office and residential space on the upper floors create a pedestrian presence, stable consumer population and customer base 24/7.
  4. Transportation and Linkages (Including landmarks and Gateways):   Vehicular Routes, Access to Mass Transit & Pedestrian Access that provide easy movement into and through the Downtown Core.
  5. Quality Outdoor Spaces and Design:  Quality pedestrian spaces should provide effective
    and inviting links between important parts of the City.
  6. Recognition of Local History, Local Culture and Regional Context:  Recognition of historic, cultural
    and regional character promotes a sense of identity
  7. Protection or Sustainable Use of Natural Resources:  Preservation, celebration, and effective use of a regions natural resources improves the quality of life and attracts consumers.
  8. Desirable Residential Options:  Urban living – when made a desirable, and an affordable option has many advantages for residents and tax payers
  9. Supporting Commercial and Residential Districts:  Facade improvements, landscaping, uniform and regulated signage, shared parking, streetscapes, setback requirements.

Anatomy of a Vibrant Downtown.


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